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Saturday, May 12, 2012

turning point

that was the day i received my letter from Taiwan University...
i dont know why..( I AM NOT EXCITED AT ALL)

just feel like,,,,finally i receive this letter.
i've been waiting for song long ~
i know i need to start prepare everything to TAIWAN.

will busy nowadays.
BOOK air ticket,BUY laptop,DO visa & GO for body check...etc
somemore apply a credit card and some account....

it's time to clear my LAZY mind.
i cannot waste my time anymore.
still left few months staying with family!

started treasure everything around me...
a good news is...
i JUST booked my airticket.
it's HOT seat...first roll,free INTERNATIONAL meal, i can put my legs straight too.
coz i aunt get the cooperate price!

weeeee heee....
thanks for helping.i'm appreciate~
uhmm, good night!

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