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Saturday, May 12, 2012

turning point

that was the day i received my letter from Taiwan University...
i dont know why..( I AM NOT EXCITED AT ALL)

just feel like,,,,finally i receive this letter.
i've been waiting for song long ~
i know i need to start prepare everything to TAIWAN.

will busy nowadays.
BOOK air ticket,BUY laptop,DO visa & GO for body check...etc
somemore apply a credit card and some account....

it's time to clear my LAZY mind.
i cannot waste my time anymore.
still left few months staying with family!

started treasure everything around me...
a good news is...
i JUST booked my airticket.
it's HOT seat...first roll,free INTERNATIONAL meal, i can put my legs straight too.
coz i aunt get the cooperate price!

weeeee heee....
thanks for helping.i'm appreciate~
uhmm, good night!

Thursday, May 10, 2012



am suffer nowadays!!!
i am lost.

argue with parents last night~

甚至帮我想plan A,planB....
i've never try. how i know i cant?

thanksss my friend!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


do you climb a 'rainforest' mount with temple run??
what the Hack!!!

but i cant blame. because THEY are TEENAGE!(12-14)yrs
what to do? can follow,just follow...

it's TOO tired for me to climb this mount to LEVEL 6!!!
i've been 3 yrs half NEVER climb before...

enjoy this exhausted sunday!
finally climb to level 6 !
GOOD JOB marie!

Monday, May 7, 2012

get USED

sometimes,i feel hopeless, useless....
everything goes BAD.

very down.

but, i know i shouldn't think negative!
always remind myself to think positive! think positive~
ask myself to think to bright way.

i DID it...

when i am down, i WONT cry.
try to find something to do....
at least you wont get mad.

my way to release stress or MAD is...
turn on d RADIO...very LOUD!
sing the song and enjoy dancing =)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

--- R i h a N n A ---

her bestie --Melissa~ i love her red lips

If Rihanna smoking marijuana bothered you, seeing her smoke a cigarette should be troublesome as well! The “We Found Love” singer tweeted a photo of herself smoking the stick with a set of stylish rings on her fingers with the caption “U Mad? 

Friday, May 4, 2012

i enjOy my life.

CRAZY night!... but actually not that crazy. we are COOL.
today after work.,.,. i meet my Babe Ming Yen n our driver cji yent!!!
we are going to have our HALF price star bucks COFFEE!!!
really worth! 3 LARGE CUPS just RM25.96~
normally 3L around 50bucks++
haha,,,luckly we "buy in time".this Offer start at 5-7pm~~
 i try this NEW flavour! or else,,,i ALWAYS order GREEN TEA CREAM.
And you can have yours too. DOnt Missed It !
Remind: (wed) is for starbucks card member : (fri) is for everyOne!!!

after that...we go to Lowyat's Zan Mai having our dinner.
we are so FULL. shouldn't drink starbucks before dinner.
me & dear KEEP taking stupid photos. 38!!!

after that, we go to neaby lm's STATION ONE signature yum cha...
these are d pictures of the NIGHT.
i am really enjoy drinking beer with them while playing some games!
i ALWAYS lose =(
 he! i called him Mr Rihanna.... (dont ask me why)
haha. below this pic is REAL smoke. 
no kidding, not acting ,,,,,
was afraid,but~ GOOD try. MY very very 1st time smoking~
 smoking doesn't mean i am bad.
please! i will control ok?
 KEEP losing...i finished it. wing wing-ing
 BESt friend
 we WERE acting BAD & RUDE girl = X
 babe Sophie 
games and cigarette
thanks for today my dear!
very tired now. good night and happy wesak day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


 people said that:"每个高喊要减肥的人,都有一张停不了的口”
do you agree?haha
actually YES! i agree,because i'm d person who used to be like this.

BELIEVE yourself & TRUST yourself.

if you really want to slim down,
i'm 99% sure you CAN do it. ...why?

"FOCUS"......not on eating.
is focus on your daily meal,work out,...
goes the rule as i go " input less output more"
write a LIST,make sure yourself NOT to EAT so much of fattening JUNK FOOD
DONT say NO to urself .because you've never TRY before.
eat moderately,balance you daily nutrition.
DO some easy workout such as YOGA, or DANCE!
to let yourself have a HEALTHY lifestyle~
p/s: you cant use $$to BUY a good health.
LETS keep fit with me and have a HEALTHY body!!!

since nOw,,,,get your LAZY ASS up to DO something and let you SWEAT!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


gain FAT is easy, LOSE WEIGHT  is DAMN DAMN DAMN difficult....and quite TOUGH
i am about to LOSING WEIGHT recently..
real FAT now.

i hate chubby marie.
not that confidence~

would like to slim a LIL bit,,,
at least less 5-7 KG.
IS that ok??

my body mass BMI should be 21.
that's mean my perfect weight IS >>>56.4KG.
DONT SHOCK please.

i am 166cm.and USED to play SPORTS!
so please!imma not that kinf of TINY,SKINNY girl.ok?


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SHARE with you !

" i wOnt give up" 
dont forget to pause the music beside you.(RIGHT SIDE)

she sing well....
and i really LOVE this so very much!
hope you like this too!

and this is the very first 'i wont give up' video that i heard.
this version is AWESOME!
cover by : JAYESSLEE !

Monday, April 30, 2012

how IMPORTANT is it?

my house was no ELECTRICITY last saturday midnight.
i was coming back from my friends' hse...
waiting at busstop around 20 min ,,,,,11.58pm only i arrived my home.

my house is AUTO GATE,
how do i get in to my house?
i keep CLICKING my hse KEYS!
no respond at all.

i throw my bag into hse ,
i CLIMB in like a THIEF

finally get into home.
it was so DARK, i quickly light up 2 candles into my room
>> BATH and off to bed.
i am not affraid of DARK
thanks GOD.
i am brave!
dont waste it.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

mOndae BLUE!

o0ps....time flies~

gonna work later.
i take bus ...that's why i wake up earlier.
i've eat my breakfast. Black Sesame Oat meal....
i know everybody dislike to eat it,,,
BUT really good for our health,so i just eat !

i bring an apple an my own coffee powder to work.
what if i feel stress or tired,
i can enjoy a cup of COFFEE!
i am addicted to it.


hope everyone have a good good day!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

lovely sUndae ♥

i can sleep well last night~
just because i am really tired.
almost 2 something  i off to bed!

i wakeup late today.
feel so free and wanna do something.

gonna watch movie with my "USA"'s  friend soon.
may b 'the battleship' OR ' street dance 2'...
i got a BUY2FREE1 voucher!
i can watch this movie FOR FREE! 
hahha.....thanks to jusco EON magazine!

nice!!! soft version WE FOUND LOVE

try this GUYS!

thanks to the one who makes you feel happy

Appreciating it brings me so much peace. ❤

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

just smile while you're still alive!

do you even know SMILE is a girl biggest asset?

just smile while you still can....
a smile can makes you prettier, or more sunshine...

just  make everyone happy besides you !

Sunday, April 1, 2012


feel like wanna cry,
everything seem like ..........
treasure everything !
treasure people when still alive!
i dont wanna missed it, 
dont wanna let myself regret!

be happy!
life goes on!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

LEARN a lesson~

you did everything,,,,god knows...

i saw everything that you dont know i knew...

you stupid idiot~!

yea,,,,just hi bye friend.or,,,,just be stranger~

you treat me well...i will treat back you well x100~
now, what i DID is you did it to ME too~

so...please dont blame~